Welcome home to LA!!!!!

1 Feb

Yay… I’m home guys…

Ok so I’m back on LAND in Los Angeles. I’m so happy to be home. Missing my Coral Princess family, but so love being home with my hubby, kitties and puppy!

I will update my website very very soon… but I’m going to take a bit away just to love on my family.

Keep posted for new updates!




8 Dec

Well it’s now official… 5 months ago we began our ‘Encore’ journey as the skeleton cast, and tonight we finally premiered it for an audience.. to two standing ovations!!!!

One evening gown, one classic makeup, one updo, and one VERY HEAVY ball gown (seriously it’s the 40 lbs black dress I have on in the pic… the heaviest dress in the show and it’s STRAPLESS)

It’s been a long road… but I’m so happy, and honored to be a part of this cast!!!!!!!!!


Ship Internet is NO GOOD!

14 Oct

HAHAHAHAHA… yep, it’s true, ship internet STINKS! So updating my site is not a easy task… so I just have a few pics for you, but I will try my hardest to get you more updated later!!!!! Until then… enjoy!

Our Open Night of On The Bayou



After Party for On the Bayou



Opening Night of Welcome Aboard


Just a little Alaskan fun!





San Fransisco with the Hubby and Cast :)

14492327_10153990497566608_5357893019443910072_n 14449781_10153983601336608_3719969004073604108_n 14358702_10157529110090192_793530030043673824_n



Some Beach Fun with Lottie and Joe Joe



SLOTHS and amazing art work in Costa Rica!!!!!!

14595650_10154077529046608_1557084752105864991_n 14716305_10154035183896608_3099996760533530326_n

Duns River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica! So beautiful!



MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye LA (for now)

22 Jul

Well, I am sad but it’s a good sad… it’s time for me to go and be off to sail the seas with Princess. It has been a long 2 months of rehearsals and I am so excited to finally get to show our hard work off!

I will miss you LA… but I will be back home soon :)



Off and Running

20 May

So… We are finally in rehearsal for my new contract with Princess Cruises and I am having a blast!!! Just look at this amazing, gorgeous and talented group!!!!!!!! This is going to be fun! I will miss you Los Angeles (and my hubby, puppy & kitties) but I am so happy to be able to do what I love!!!




14 Apr


OK… So I am so so so excited to announce that I have been asked to be a part of Princess Cruises newest show “Encore”. That means I get to spend 2 months in the studio being part of the “skeleton” team, helping to create and originate one of the Female leads! Then I get to take it to sea for 6 months where I get to travel from Alaska to the Caribbean islands! I am so so so excited for my new adventure! Pics to come!

Cabaret at the Merc was AMAZING

1 Mar

Wow… what an amazing night!!!! The music, the people, just everything about this show was incredible. I loved every minute of it and feel so lucky to have been a part of it. Here are just a few pics! Enjoy Xx

1421169_10153520188211608_3277668455605327277_o 12792087_10153473608706608_9139880269229385198_o 12794679_10206969863383367_3670002829434446328_o

Cabaret at the Merc: And The Oscar Goes To…

14 Feb

How are you spending your Oscar night this February 28th?

Not sure??? Why don’t you come up to the gorgeous wine county of Temecula and enjoy the beautiful music of past winners of the coveted Academy Award while you sip some award winning wine!

Performers include:

Brielle Batino
AJ Rafael
Errolyn Healy
Allen Everman
Joy Yandell

Here is all the info and you can find tickets at: https://tickets.temeculatheater.org/eventperformances.asp?evt=602


Broadway Bar sings DISNEY

5 Feb

I’m singing a fun little Disney song this coming Tuesday, Feb 9th at Rockwell Table & Stage. The line up is AMAZEBALLS!!!! And Broadway/Film & TV stars KILLING Disney tunes… what else could be better???

Come on out! Tickets available on the website: www.Rockwell-La.com

And here is the line up and the poster… don’t mind the January dates listed :)




29 Jan

I am so so so so so excited and happy to announce that I am a new member of the uber amazing a cappella group WestBeat. This group is pure talent and bonus, besides performing all over Southern California, they are going to be working with DISNEY year round! So keep a look out for us singing some of your favorite tunes when you come to the park.