Top Rock is on Goldstar!

17 Jun

Get your tickets on for TOP ROCK at Rockwell Table & Stage. They are only $12.50?!?!?! Seriously with some of the most amazing singers in Los Angeles you can not pass it up! Get them NOW

Can Can Girls

1 Jun

Fun gig last night with Tribute Productions! Can Can girls:


TOP ROCK LIVE at Rockwell Table & Stage

1 Jun

Top Rock is AMAZING. Here are some great pics from the show. Seriously don’t miss this event. And don’t waste any time getting your tickets. You won’t regret it.








In Rehearsals

20 May

So… Top Rock is coming to Rockwell Table & Stage from May 23rd until July 5th. You won’t want to miss this awesome live rock show with some of the best singer you will ever hear!

Check out the information below:

Top Rock

Feeling Great

17 May

It has been so amazing being home in the states. Just wanted to post a little blurb just expressing my gratitude for everything that I have here in LA. I am enjoying being home with my husband, kitties & puppy. Auditioning for some great projects, performing with amazing performers, etc. etc.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST husband a girl could ask for! I love you Frankie B.

Life is good and I am one happy women!

Cinco de Rocky!

7 May

Well Cinco de Rocky was a HUGE success and such a blast. Here are some fun backstage pics!



Cinco de Mayo is ANOTHER CHANCE to see Rocky Horror!

1 May

Come spend Cinco de Mayo at Rockwell Table and Stage seeing Cinco de Rocky! It’s such a great time. You seriously won’t regret it. I mean, Rocky Horror & Tequila… WHAT?!?!?!

Cinco de Rocky

Cinco de Rocky 2

Rocky Rises: A Very Good Friday at Rockwell Table and Stage…

20 Apr

So just had a blast for Easter at Rockwell Table & Stage being a part of the incredibly ADULT and fun Rocky Rises: A Very Good Friday!!!

Here’s a little peek:

Elizabeth & I

Rocky Rises

Back in the USA

16 Apr

YAY… I am back in Los Angeles. I am so happy.

The past 8 months has been a roller coaster ride. Happy, sad, dramatic, beautiful, peaceful, chaotic, etc. etc. etc. To say the least, it has been quite the experience. I am very happy to be back in Los Angeles and I am looking forward to the next great thing to come along.

Here is to 2014 and all that is in store!

Xx Brielle

Australia & New Zealand

3 Feb

So all of January was spent in Australia & New Zealand. OMG… I died! It was beyond amazing. The people, the weather, the food. All just soooo good.

There were 2 MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS for me! #1: Hobbiton in New Zealand & #2: the PRIVATE tour of the Sydney Opera House.

#1 – Now I don’t claim to be a huge Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan BUT to be able to visit and really look at the amazing real-life set that they built just for this empire of a movie series, is breathtaking. I have never experienced anything so beautiful, serene & peaceful in my life. There were tons of people there experiencing everything with me, but I was able to just focus and take in the amazingness all around me.

#2 – Thanks to my amazing, talented & gorgeous friend, Van-Anh Nyugen, a few of us got a PRIVATE, BEHIND THE SCENES tour of the Sydney Opera House. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. It was unreal. Van-Anh has performed their many times. She is a very accomplished Pianist! The first time she played there she was 8 years old? what???

Anyway, it has been an amazing experience so far. Right now we are back in Bali, Indonesia and will be in Asia for the rest of the contract. More pics to come soon, but for now here are some amazing highlights from Australia & New Zealand (and yes those are some epic mullets from Australia!!!)