Reviews of Bronies! The Musical

2 Oct

Bronies! The Musical got amazing reviews this weekend… Yay

Here are some a quotes from & Steven Stanley (StageSceneLA):

“The strangely compelling ponies: Pink Pony (Shelley Regner), White Pony (Stephanie Hayslip), Blue Pony (Brielle Batino) and Yellow Pony (Charlotte Mary Wen) are a glamourous sequined fortress against the pessimism of the world who shadow their humans like nurturing angels. Plus, this Dreamgirls/Weather Girls quartet sounds like they’re going to bust into a chorus of “It’s Raining Men” any minute…and I almost wish they would. They sing beautifully and bring the lovely harmonies of Joe Greene’s score to life with panache.”

“Last but not least are the absolutely sensational Pony quartet of Batino, Hayslip, Regner, and Wen, each more gorgeous (and gorgeously voiced) than the next, and when all four sets of vocal cords are blended in Dreamgirls harmonies, audience cheers are sure to follow.”

And here are the links to read the full review: - -

Bronies! The Musical Review

30 Sep

Steven Stanley, one of California’s leading theater reviewers reviewed Bronies! The Musical. And it’s AMAZING! Give it a read and come see the show!

Every Friday & Saturday night @ 8pm and Sunday’s @ 3pm at Third Street Theater until November 1st!

Click the link below for the AMAZING REVIEW!!! Thank you Steven Stanley!!!

Bronies! The Musical

(Mostly) Musicals

28 Sep

Come on out to (Mostly) Musicals #8 Lights Up this Monday at Vitello’s in Studio City. It’s going to be a great night of amazing music. The cast of Bronies! will be singing a few songs to promote the show! There are tickets on Goldstar for only $5!!!


It’s Opening Weekend!

26 Sep

I’m so excited… It’s OPENING WEEKEND for Bronies! The Musical. Please come see it. It’s such an amazing show!!!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Here is all the info:


Rehearsals Rehearsals Rehearsals… YAY

26 Aug

Ok so I am super lucky to have been asked to play Blue Pony in Bronies! The Musical. I am soooo excited. Bronies! won this years Hollywood Fringe Awards for Best Musical. The amazing Richard Isreal is directing and the awesome John Todd will be Choreographing. OMG… I’m just soooooo sooooo excited. YAY.

Here is some info:


16 Bars at Rockwell Table & Stage

22 Aug

Ok… everyone come out this Monday to Rockwell Table & Stage in Los Feliz. Vicki Lewis will be judging 16 Bars!!!!! It’s going to be an amazing show and so much fun. Auditions, Little Mermaid & Improv, what more can you ask for???????

Tickets are up online now! Grab them while they are available AND don’t forget to bring your book. You might be asked to join in and there is an open mic afterwards. What?!?!?!


Running Wild Films

21 Aug

So I got to spend 2 days in Arizona recording the National Anthem and filming some B-Roll for a new film “Duel at the Mound” with Running Wild Films.

I am so happy that I got to be a part of this great film! Can’t wait to see (and hear) the end product.



14 Aug

So I was hired to do makeup for a very fun pilot teaser. Well, I was done with my 3 leads and we were waiting on the forth to arrive… and she never showed?!?!?!?! So, I had the AMAZING privilege to jump into a super fun role LAST MINUTE! Director James Parris is just one of the most wonderful people in this world and he trusted me to take his character and bring her to life. I was so honored to do it. And what an amazing part. I love when I get to play the “queen bee” ala Mean Girls!

Here are just a few pics from set. Hopefully more to come!

Groupies #4

Groupies #2

Groupies #1


We have to go back: a Lost musical parody

8 Aug

I will be playing multiple roles in the new musical: We have to go back: a Lost musical parody. Some of the roles I will be covering are: Danielle, Ana Lucia, Walt (if you know the show… this role is definitely “not type” haha).

The musical is hilarious, the writing is hilarious, you definitely will not want to miss it! We open on September 22nd. Check out the website below for more information!!!

Lost #3

Lost #2

Lost #1

The Newest Member of The Lola’s!

16 Jul

I’m super excited to announce that I am now a new member of the all girl singing group The Lola’s. This group of amazing women are incredibly talented singers and I am so thrilled to be asked to join them. Check out the website:

They have been working on their debut EP, and so now we are focused on rehearsals for the release! There will be a huge performance and party… keep checking back to find out more.